The Power of Fibre to Help You to Maintain A Healthy Weight

by Ashleigh Feltham,  Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist

Don’t underestimate the power of fibre to help you to maintain a healthy weight.

If you have ever followed a fad diet you may know how losing weight can be the easy part. It’s keeping the weight off that’s the real challenge. This is a must-read blog for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight.

Fibre promotes a stable energy release by slowing down how quickly food is broken down and the rate sugar enters your bloodstream. This keeps your energy lasting longer and prevents a sugar crash.

When a diet is low in fibre it is often higher in refined carbohydrates and added sugar. This puts your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride with a sugar high then a quick crash following. It also leads to looking for more to eat sooner.

Being a healthy weight not only is about how you look on the outside but also reduces low-grade chronic inflammation which can cause many disease states. If you are wanting to grow your family, being a healthy weight is linked to improvements in your fertility for both the man and the woman. Being a healthy weight is linked to improved ovulation and pregnancy rates as well as a reduced risk of miscarriage.

More than 70% of Australian adults are not meeting their recommended daily intake for fibre. An adult needs 25-30g a day for health. Aim to include a range of different plant-based foods like whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables. Also, take advantage of the delicious pouches of South Australian Gourmet Food Company Fruit Custard with Added Fibre. Each pouch gives your body over 1/3rd of your daily fibre needs with 10.9g of dietary fibre. These pouches do not need to be kept in the fridge and you can take them anywhere.

There are many ways you can include these pouches in meals and snacks too. Check out the extensive list of recipes on the South Australian Gourmet Food Company website.

Take-Home Message

Use the power of fibre to help you maintain a healthy weight. It could be the ingredient in your lifestyle which has been the missing link to maintaining your weight and health goals.


Ashleigh Feltham (MNutrDiet)
Feed Your Future Dietetics
Accredited Practising Dietitian | Accredited Nutritionist



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