5 foods which help beat bloating

You’re not alone if you suffer from the discomfort of bloating. Being bloated can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. There can be many causes of bloating based on food sensitivities as well other factors like anxiety, stress, or medications. If you have irritable bowel syndrome this can be due to poorly digested carbohydrates known as FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols).

While everyone is different in gut sensitivities these 5 foods may help reduce or prevent bloating.

Picture of a bowl of Kiwi Fruit


This fruit contains enzymes called proteases which help your body to digest proteins and may aid in digestion. Try adding a kiwi to your morning cereal, to a fruit salad as a mid-morning snack or as part of a smoothie bowl.

Picture of a bowl of chopped celery


This vegetable acts as a natural diuretic for your body as it contains a chemical called phthalide. Diuretics help to flush out any water your body is holding onto and may reduce bloating. Try adding celery to a stir fry, into a homemade fruit smoothie or as a snack with 100% peanut butter on top.

Picture of Yoghurt in a glass bowl with mint leaf.


Yoghurt contains probiotics or good bacteria which help reduce bloating and gas. Double-check that the variety you choose has probiotics as not all brands add them. If you are lactose intolerant there are lactose-free brands available or alternatively, leave the yoghurt in the fridge closer to the best-before date to allow the enzymes in the yoghurt to eat most of the lactose. Try adding 200g of yoghurt to your cereal in the morning, as part of a fruit salad or adding Greek yoghurt on top of a curry.

Picture of a Delicious fresh watermelon smoothie


This fruit is almost like taking a drink of water with 93% water content.  Watermelon not only tastes delicious but is also a diuretic due to its alkalising properties. Try making a juice with a few mint leaves for a refreshing drink or as part of a summer-inspired salad.

Picture of Fennel seeds in spoon

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain compounds that may act to help reduce inflammation and act as antispasmodic to reduce bloating. Try including fennel seeds on top of a salad for extra crunch, into a smoothie or on top of your morning cereal. You can also add dried fennel seeds to bread or onto meat or fish as part of the crumb.


These 5 foods also contain potassium. This mineral acts in the opposite way to sodium and can help remove excess fluid retention causing bloating.

Two extra tips:

On top of these 5 go-to foods achieving enough fibre every day to keep your gut healthy is essential. Adults need between 25-38g of dietary fibre each day. Over 50% of children and over 70% of adults in Australia are not getting enough fibre. If this amount seems daunting, try a pouch of South Australian Gourmet Food Company Fruit Custard with added fibre. Each delicious pouch of fruit custard will give your body 10.9g of dietary fibre.

The second tip is to remember to exercise which stimulates your bowls to move. This movement helps to relieve some of the bloating by releasing the gas build-up. This doesn’t mean running a marathon but keeping your body moving throughout the day by simply getting up more often or taking the stairs can all help your gut to function at its best.

Take home message: Although everyone experiences bloating every now and then you do not need to suffer in silence. Give these five foods, including enough overall fibre and remember to exercise to keep your bowels moving. It may make a noticeable difference and help to reduce your bloating discomfort.