Symbiotic combinations to add to your week

Picture of youghurt and berriesson a table. Good for gut health

Your gut health is essential for your overall wellbeing. Your microbiome is made up of different types of bacteria. You want more and different varieties or strains of the ‘good’ bacteria to optimise your health. A healthy gut microbiome helps your body to absorb nutrients, promotes a healthy immune system, skin health and brain function.

Your diet plays a major role in creating good bacteria or probiotics that live in your gut. These probiotics need food from a type of fibre called prebiotics. It is important to include a diet with both components.

A symbiotic combination means that the food or meal contains both the probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fibre needed to keep these bacteria fed, alive and happy. Symbiotic combinations provide added support to the good bacteria in your gut which allows them to positively influence the health of your body. It is like a big hug for your gut.

For health you want to aim for two serves of probiotic rich foods each day. Pair these probiotic rich foods with a prebiotic source and your gut will love you. Here are some examples of symbiotic combinations to add to your week:

  • Rolled oats with Greek yoghurt.
  • Sourdough bread dipped in sour cream dip with onions and garlic.
  • Kefir with green banana.
  • Miso soup with asparagus, onions, or leeks.
  • Beans with pickles.
  • Sour pickled onions and garlic.
  • Chia seeds with kombucha.
  • Onion with feta cheese.
  • Greens sautéed with garlic.
  • Feta cheese with baked beans
Picture of Feta cheese on chopping board

Take home message: Tick both boxes when it comes to creating a healthy gut microbiome by adding symbiotic food combinations into your week.