Why Fibre is Vital for The Health of Your Child

When fibre comes up concerning a child’s health, most would think it is only important to maintain normal toilet habits and stay regular. While it is true that achieving the needed fibre recommendations of your child each day promotes a healthy and normal functioning gut,  fibre has a greater impact on both the present and future health of your child than just focusing on this aspect alone.

Phot of cildren playing with mum and dad

Dietary Fibre has an impact on your child’s:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Gastric disease risk
  • Risk of reflux
  • Heart health
  • risk of type two diabetes
  • Risk of some cancers like colorectal cancer.
  • Body weight

There is also emerging evidence that the soluble fibre present in the pouches South Australian Gourmet Food Company Fruit Custard with Added Fibre called inulin, supports an optimally working immune system. Inulin acts as a prebiotic or food to the good bacteria in your gut. Your gut makes up 70% of your immune system function.

Plant foods can help you to meet these needs. So too can the delicious South Australian Gourmet Food Company Fruit Custard with Added Fibre. Each delicious pouch gives your body 10.9g of dietary fibre. You do not have to worry about keeping it cool either as it is a long-life product that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Diets of children with more fibre are associated with a greater number of whole foods which have additional nutrition benefits above only fibre. Removing the excess added sugar, ultra-processed and fat ladened foods can allow your body to feel and function its best.

Picture of a Delicious fresh watermelon smoothie

Take home message:

Fibre is vital for the health of your child. More than half of all Australian children are not meeting the amount of fibre needed each day to stay healthy. You are not alone if your child struggles to meet their daily fibre needs. Aim to make small changes to create sustainable lifestyle habits for long term health. One of these can be adding a pouch of South Australian Gourmet Food Company Fruit Custard with Added Fibre to your child’s lunchbox.